Gabriele Vittozzi, founder of I Signori del Tempo, is the heir of a family that has worked for decades in the watch industry. He has always been fascinated by the beating heart that animates every watch, deserving fame, notoriety and the title of Maître Horloger. The experience in fine watchmaking has led him to be one of the most valid experts in the field of movement repair and restoration of particular dials and vintage watch cases, a sector in which it has been operating since the mid-70s.

Paolo Spinello is part of I Signori del Tempo since 2002, animated by his great passion for collector's watches. His experience as a valid and expert collector, has made him a tireless researcher of unique, rare and special specimens, characterizing the commercial offer as one of the richest and most reliable in the industry.

Manuel Vittozzi collaborates with father Gabriele with passion and commitment and has acquired a solid technical, historical and commercial expertise guaranteeing the future of the Vittozzi family in the world of esteemed watchmaking. His young enthusiasm pushed him to bring the I Signori del Tempo to have contacts all over the world and to enter the new era of Social Media. In synergy with Alessandro Colombo, Kapsa, a professional photographer, is also dedicated to the production of still-life watches.